Officer Bergeron wins community policing award

Mario Barassi, Assistant Sports Editor

Whether you see him around the school, in his office, or patrolling the streets, Master Patrol Officer and School Resource Officer (SRO) Rick Bergeron works to keep the Hollis Brookline community safe. Bergeron has been an SRO for five years and a police officer for 17 years. Many stop by his office during the day to check in and say hello or to talk about events in the school. However, this officer does much more than most people realize.

Bergeron has recently been recognized for the McDonald’s Community Involvement Award. According to the Hollis Police, this award was given to Bergeron for his outstanding community involvement. The award was given at the McDonald’s in Milford during a statewide event to raise $50,000 for the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police.

Other than working as the SRO during the week, Bergeron does many things to keep our school secure. At the high school, Bergeron runs CRASE training (Civilian Response to Active Shooters). This program helps the Hollis Police Department prepare for a potential active shooter in the school. Bergeron aids additional groups, saying  that he “like[s] working with kids and doing the D.A.R.E program.” During his tenure at HB, Bergeron has started the Boxing Club, which practices at the Nashua Police Athletic League.

Bergeron works with several safety programs, including  the Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) program, teaching self defense skills to people in the community. Sadie Hudzik ‘17 said, “I learned what to do when being choked and how to [defensively] kick, punch.” Hudzik also added that Bergeron is “a very good teacher,” and  “a pretty cool guy.”