Getting ready to honor our veterans

Max MacLeod, Staff Writer

Every year, the Hollis Brookline Homefront Club welcomes local veterans of both towns to the Veterans Day assembly. Homefront has been working tirelessly since October to get everything ready for this year’s festivities.

When the veterans first arrive at school on November 9, they will be greeted by a member of the Homefront Club, who also assists with traffic and parking at the school. When the veterans enter, more club members will hand out name tags that they’ve made. They are then served a luncheon.

In addition to coordinating the assembly, the Homefront Club will revitalize road signs from last year which welcome each division of the United States military. The traditional yellow paper ribbon, representing men and women in uniform, will make its way around the lunchroom for students to sign.

“We want people to be aware of the club and what we’re doing,” said Homefront Club advisor Trevor Duval. The Homefront Club has posted flyers, signs and made announcements letting students know about the Veterans Day assembly; this has hopefully caught the attention of the majority.  

For the assembly on Wednesday, November 9, the Homefront Club would like each grade to wear specific colors. Seniors should come wearing red, juniors in blue, sophomores in white, and freshmen in yellow.  The assembly is happening soon, and Homefront hopes to see everyone there.


Below is a video of interviews with four veterans from during the 2015 Veterans Day Assembly: