HB tops Concord in championship to reclaim state title


HB’s team huddles together in celebration of the championship win

Nate Corsetti, Sports Editor

In an exciting match-up against Concord, Hollis Brookline’s girls volleyball team won the Division I championship for the second straight year. The game was played last Saturday at Pinkerton Academy. It took HB four sets to reaffirm for the second straight year that they are the best in the state.

The first set was dominated by Concord. They had the lead early, starting out 7-2, and continued building on it. HB continued to battle, but they couldn’t stop Concord, who eventually took a commanding 17-8 lead. The Cavaliers picked up their play by the end of the set, but couldn’t hold on to their momentum, eventually losing the set 25-12.

The Crimson Tide continued to hold the game’s momentum in set two, starting it off with a 10-4 lead. Already having lost the first set, the Cavaliers were on the verge of falling into a deep hole. Another lost set would put them at such a large disadvantage that their season would be virtually over. In the do or die moment, HB began crawling back in set two. The team brought the score to 12-8, shrinking Concord’s lead. HB kept fighting, and eventually tied the set at 18 apiece. From this point on, the lead shifted back and forth between the two teams. In the end, HB too set two by a score of 26-24. Momentum had shifted heavily in Hollis Brookline’s favor.

The Cavaliers rode their momentum for the previous set, and controlled set three. Concord wouldn’t go down without a fight, however, and eventually tied the set at 10 all. HB seemed to use it as a wake-up call, and retook the lead soon after. From the point of the tie onward, HB led the set 15-4. They dominated the set, winning 25-14.

Set four was a must win for Concord, as one more loss would send them home. HB was clearly motivated to finish off Concord without going into the fifth set, leading 5-0 at the beginning. The Crimson Tide fought back, but the Cavaliers wouldn’t be stopped, building the lead to11-4. Concord battle the rest of the way, and HB only led the remaining points 14-11. Their improved play would not be enough to overcome the Cavaliers, and the set went to HB, 25-15, resulting in the championship going to Hollis Brookline for the second straight year.

Including playoffs, Hollis Brookline had a record of 18-3, a truly outstanding year. Topping it off with their second championship in as many years is even more a testament to their success. Concord’s season is not to be ignored either. The underdog eight seed had an excellent playoff run, surprising many by reaching the championship.