Physics Club swings into action


Connor Harris

The physics club helped to entertain third grade visitors with these mini trebuchets on Trebuchet Day.

Connor Harris, Staff Writer

Have you ever felt like discussing more about certain topics in school but there just wasn’t enough time? Do you have a passion for Physics? Then the Physics Club is right for you! The best part is, you don’t even have to be taking Physics. This brand new club was founded by four senior students: Ryan Swope , Sam Poisson, Luke Martin, and Jack MacLeod .

“The idea was to do experiments and talk concepts that we can’t do in class” said Swope. The club was created by students to help further students’ knowledge about the world of physics. So far the clubs focus has been trebuchet day. Club members have spent their time creating smaller models of these medieval siege weapons, giving the visiting elementary students something to play with, and learn about in an up-close and personal manner.

Tutoring is another aspect of physics club. If you’re having trouble in your Physics class, pay the Physics Club a visit. They will be more than happy to help get you that ‘A’. As an added bonus, the club is also really lenient. If there’s a topic that you would really like to discuss or a cool experiment you were looking for, voice your opinion. It will more than likely be the next topic they discuss.

The physics club is set to meet every other Friday so not to intrude on the chemistry club. Each meeting last between 1-1.5 hours and is located in room 301 (Mr. Wilcox’s room). In addition, “The club has between 10-12 members” added Swope. If you would like to get anymore information, there are a host of signs spread out around the school and the clubs’ advisors and Physics teachers would also love to help you out.