Flag football league has renewed rivalry


Mario Barassi

Jack MacLeod ’17 showing off his Falcons gear

Mario Barassi, Assistant Sports Editor

There are many sports that Hollis Brookline High School offers, but some kids may want to try out-of-school sports as well. NFL Play 60 offers Flag Football at the Hampshire Dome in Milford. This is a popular activity that takes place on the weekends during the winter months. The flag football league has expanded over the years, and has even added a U19 and an adult flag football league.

On Saturdays at the dome the various leagues have their games, which are spread out through the day from 7 a.m.. to 7 p.m.. According to the organizers of the league they expect 70 teams with up to 750 players through each of the six leagues. Each team plays a one-hour game which is typically refereed by 2 officials. Large crowds gather to watch the action on all three fields.

Although flag football is more of a recreational activity, not a school sport, many students at Hollis Brookline still take the sport very seriously. The Vikings, a veteran team organized by JP Blasi ‘18 and coached by his father, Mike Blasi, is poised for a deep run this year. But they will have another tough competitor joining the weekend league: the Falcons, run by Coach John Jacob.

Veteran flag player Blasi said that his team is “very competitive” and is looking to win every game. He said that even though this is not a school sport, there is a lot of enthusiasm and “everyone comes to play every game.” Flag football isn’t as complicated as tackle football, but the Vikings take it seriously. Blasi said that the matchup will dictate the plays: “If it’s a hard opponent we will run more complicated plays, while if it’s an easy team we will just have fun.”

It’s always hard to dismount a veteran team, but the Falcons look to put a damper on the Viking’s run. Back in October, Luke Martin ‘17 was approached as a potential member by seniors Nate Corsetti and Jack MacLeod. Martin said, “We certainly have a chance of knocking off our rivals,” adding that that there is a “good mix of players. Some have solid arms while others have some good wheels.”
Both teams look to have a successful season, which begins on Nov. 26 and will wrap up at the end of January. For more information on flag football visit the Hampshire Dome website here.