HB Red Cross Club: Will you lend a hand?


Hannah Balfour

Adrianna Radlosalecv ’17, Jack Byrne ’17, Samantha Mello ’17 and fellow Red Cross Club members prepare for one of their many fundraisers.

Hannah Balfour, Staff Writer

The National Hurricane Center says that a category five hurricane can reach winds of 157 mph or higher, collapsing buildings and trees everywhere. Recently, Hurricane Matthew brought destruction to a vast number of homes across the southeast coast. The Hollis Brookline High School Red Cross Club is fundraising for relief efforts, including selling baked goods and accepting donations.

In an effort to raise funds for hurricane relief, the Red Cross Club planned a bake sale. The Red Cross Club assembled on November 18 and worked tirelessly to bake different assortments of sweets. The sale, held on Saturday, November 19, proved to be a success, as the group raised $274.77.

The Red Cross Club has made it their personal mission to provide help with natural disasters, to  support the armed forces, and offer blood for patients in need. The club plans various fundraisers and volunteers frequently in the Hollis Brookline community. These efforts help people with military outreach, disaster relief, and of course, blood donations.

They also supply help with American Red Cross relief efforts. Red Cross Club Vice President Jacqueline Hale ‘18 said, “In the past years, we’ve raised money for vaccinations, written cards to send to veterans, held various blood drives, and many other fundraisers.”

The club is raffling tickets for the upcoming Bruins game on December 31. Purchases will be available on November 28 and the raffle drawing will take place on December 21. If anyone would like to purchase a chance for a ticket, seek out members of the Red Cross Club or Heidi Foster, the club’s advisor.

Many members joined the Red Cross Club seeking a community service-based group–an opportunity to serve locally. Club Secretary Gabi Frugard ‘18 said, “I, personally, am a part of Red Cross because I admire what the program does to help people throughout the world. I love being a part of something like that. I joined my freshman year after hearing about the club at an activities fair, and I’m so glad I joined! I encourage anyone thinking about joining to check out the club.”

Michele Philpot also joined the club to help people and has participated in the blood drive multiple times. “[Giving blood] was definitely beneficial,” Philpot states, “We appreciate everyone who donated blood because it’s a selfless act which, in the long run, could help save someone’s life.”

Hale said, “I love to be a part of a group which helps so many different groups of people. The American Red Cross is usually the first organization to provide relief to people after various disasters. Every person contributing to these fundraisers is important.”

For anyone interested in partaking in a volunteer-friendly organization, the Red Cross Club meets every Monday from 2:30-3:00 p.m.

Have questions about the club? Email Gabi Frugard at [email protected].