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Jack Byrne’s Quest to be fluent

Jack Byrne’s Quest to be fluent

Megan Gialluca, Features Editor January 13, 2017

Learning to speak another language is a popular pursuit of many students. Becoming fluent in another language not only allows you to interact with other people, but also allows you to become fluent in...

How animals help

How animals help

Kaylee Hillard, Staff Writer January 4, 2017

Animals have a profound impact on many people's lives. They help to create a positive environment in a household as well as in nursing homes, children's hospitals and many other places.   One...

Holiday Joy

Holiday Joy

Kailah Cox, Staff Writer January 4, 2017

Many people in the HB community celebrate the winter holidays in all different ways. Some people celebrate Christmas, New Years, or Hanukkah. At this time of year traditions come hand in hand with the...

One Cavalier, two Cavalier, red Cavalier, blue Cavalier

One Cavalier, two Cavalier, red Cavalier, blue Cavalier

Colton Mailloux, Staff Writer January 4, 2017

Being in high school comes with a lot of stress; it’s hard to believe that at one time children's lives were stress free and they could explore the works of children's authors: the classics of Dr. Seuss,...

College Christmas wishlist

College Christmas wishlist

Curtis Newton, Managing Editor December 23, 2016

There is just a week before the holidays, and everyone is out preparing for celebrations.   In the midst of this frenzy, college students are returning home after their first semester of the...

Kali Simods 17, Bella DeMayo 17, and Selene Berube 17, work on their gingerbread house in foods class.

HBHS foods students spread holiday cheer

Mario Barassi December 21, 2016

Every year during first semester Foods One class, Mrs. Hancock hosts a Gingerbread House contest. Hancock said she has been hosting the competition for twelve years. Each group consists of 3-4 members...

Emma thinks about music during Period 6 Senior Quest

Emma Maxwell conducts a study on music therapy

Megan Gialluca, Features Editor December 9, 2016

“I want to help people,” said Emma Maxwell ’17, a student in Period 6 Senior Quest. Her method? Music therapy. “Instead of using medicine, you use music to cure [psychological] illness.” Music...

Mental illness or not, no one should suffer alone

Mental illness or not, no one should suffer alone

Kat Pellerin, Op/Ed Editor December 8, 2016

Many people don’t seem to know sufficient information about mental illnesses to be able to help those suffering around them. This article serves to explain some of the more common illnesses and how to...

Nick White 17 with his close friend Aidan Keehan

Nick White brings attention to disability

Megan Gialluca, Features Editor December 8, 2016

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), about thirteen percent of all public school students have learning disabilities. For these students, having a learning disability can make...

This way to your dream job...

Keep on dreaming

Colin Loftus, Staff Writer December 7, 2016

High school is all about preparing for the future. Whether that means attending college, joining the military, or becoming part of the American workforce, most students have a pretty good idea of what...

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