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Afghanistan: an American responsibility

“Special Forces Soldiers from the 3rd Special Forces Group patrol a field in the Gulistan district of Farah, Afghanistan with Afghan National Army commandos from the 207th Kandak, April 12.” -Spc Joseph A Wilson

Noah Penasack, Op-Ed Editor

November 29, 2018

As American politics appear to be in perennial turmoil, the focus of the American population has turned away from foreign policy. In times of great domestic turmoil, it is easy for national politics to become self-centered, but as the greatest geopolitical force in the world, the United States has a ...

Halt the attacks on news outlets

A variety of different news sources are involved in providing the many angles that create the modern-day definition of news. Considering the volume of news outlets out there, it is no surprise that some of them are not as trustworthy as others. Regardless of reputability, there need to be sancitions around free press, a pillar of American democracy, that protects it from the dangerous disparage by the consumers.

Hannah Riseman, Features Editor

November 14, 2018

All of us student journalists at the Cavalier Chronicle would like to take a moment to offer our sincerest condolences regarding  the death of Jamal Khashoggi. We, as a community, were deeply saddened to hear of his death and the blatant disregard for free press and free speech that it unearthed. It’...

There is no such thing as a blue state

The results of the 2016 presidential election broken down by voting districts. Even at this level, the districts misrepresent voter's intentions.

Noah Penasack, Op-Ed Editor

November 13, 2018

Political media likes to describe states as “red” or “blue,” but the reality is that most are some shade of purple. Most states are made up of diverse political opinion, regardless of its color on election maps. Every four years, the analysis of the electoral map is much the same. Commen...

Saudi Arabia, not the moral high ground

Caption: Since WWII, the United States has had strong diplomatic ties to Saudi Arabia.

Noah Penasack, Op-Ed Editor

October 31, 2018

The recent incident involving the death of a Saudi journalist has raised some serious questions about US foreign policy in the Middle East. This month, Saudi Arabia has taken some serious heat both from Turkey, and (surprisingly) from Trump. The international community is responding to the Saudi gov...

On monsters…

The above picture is of Christopher Columbus.

Jackson Hinkle, Staff Writer

October 10, 2018

It’s often that people speak kindly of when Christopher Columbus sailed to a place he thought was Japan. Of course, he did not arrive in Asia, but an entirely different continent that we now know as America. An awful lot has happened since that year; two Haitian empires have come and gone, two Chinese...

Columbus Day, the best of America

Columbus Day remains an important holiday for some Americans. Lorenzo Occhialini ‘20 dresses up for the festivities.

Noah Penasack, Op-Ed Editor

October 7, 2018

Disclosure: this article is written for satirical purposes only, the ideas herein do not reflect those of the author or the CavChron.   The second Monday in October approaches, and with it, perhaps the proudest celebration of American culture possible. This day of revelry epitomizes what it mean...

I’m a Democrat…and I agree with Ben Carson

Redlining was used for decades to decide where the FHA and VA would ensure loans. Houses in areas with African American residents usually did not qualify. This policy was blatantly unconstitutional because it made African Americans second class citizens.

Noah Penasack, Op-Ed Editor

October 1, 2018

In this era of extreme political polarization, it is important to be able to recognize when an opponent introduces a motion that deserves bipartisan support. Last month, Ben Carson made an appeal to American cities and towns to reduce neighborhood zoning regulations (rules that restrict what types...

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