COOP School board election results

Nate McEvoy and Jason Babcock

Recently, in Hollis and Brookline, there was an election to decide who the new members of the co-op school board would be. This school board covers both the high school and the middle school where both the towns converge into one school district.

One of the two elected was Cynthia Van Coughnett who was elected to a three-year term this March. This will not be Van Coughnett’s first year on the board since she was reelected and has served on it since March 2014.

The other of the two members that were elected was Robert Mann, who was elected for a one-year term this past March, the same time that Van Coughnett was elected. This will be Mann’s first time serving on the co-op school board for both Hollis and Brookline; however, this won’t be his first time serving on any school board. Before Mann was elected to this position he was serving on the Hollis School board which oversees the two primary schools, the Hollis Upper Elementary School and the Hollis Primary School.

Both of these members of the school board ran unopposed, meaning they did not run against anyone else, so they were guaranteed to win.