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Retail Therapy makes a fashionable statement

The show was a huge success with a great message. “The only thing I would change is having the models come up in the right order every time,” Ella Holmes ‘22.

Emmie White, Head Editor

May 28, 2019

On the evening of Wed. May 22, Retail Therapy, the HBHS FACS fashion show, finally took the stage in a momentous way. Though the show did not go perfectly as planned, the success was substantial and the show was a considerable success. The show opened with the introduction of the night’s MCs, Ella...

Abortion legislation

Protesters gathered outside of Alabama's State House on Tuesday, May 15, after the passing of the nation's strictest abortion bill. The state's governor, Kay Ivey, said the following in a press release,

Harry Bates, Asst. Editor-in-Chief

May 24, 2019

The Alabama House of Representatives and Senate passed House Bill 314 last Tuesday evening to criminalize all abortions, with an exception if “necessary in order to prevent a serious health risk to the unborn child's mother.” Shortly after the passing vote of 25-6 was finalized, the state’s governor s...

Rod Rosenstein Resigns

Rosenstein speaks to an audience at his farewell celebration on Thursday alongside the former Attorney General (Jeff Sessions) and the current (William Barr). Rosenstein delivered his resignation letter to the White House on April 29.

Harry Bates, Asst. Editor-in-Chief

May 16, 2019

Last Sunday, May 11, Rod J. Rosenstein officially stepped down from his position as Deputy Attorney General in the Department of Justice. Following his appointment by President Trump and subsequent Senate confirmation in April of 2017, the Republican oversaw a wide variety of federal investigations while...

‘Avengers: Endgame’ crushes $2 billion milestone in record time

Avengers Endgame is the final film in a ten year storyline that most fans agree closes the series great!

Nate Blake, Staff Writer

May 16, 2019

Disney’s Avengers: Endgame has officially surpassed the $2 billion mark in its second weekend in theaters, obliterating the record for the fastest film to reach that milestone. Avengers: Endgame is now the second-highest grossing movie of all time with $2.188 billion globally, passing Titanic in just 11 days...

Prince Harry visits Women Wirral

Prince Harry greets all the women in Birkenhead with his wife Meghan Markle. According to the Independent, “A standpoint we wholly agree with, as there is no divide between men and women in regard to this issue,” says the CEO of Tomorrow's Women Wirral in Birkenhead. The charity was very ecstatic to see Prince Harry arrive.

Kaleigh Whalen, Staff Writer

May 3, 2019

Throughout history, there have been many movements in support of the equal rights of men and women. These widespread demonstrations have mostly been promoted and operated by prominent female figures. However, that shifted when, while visiting Tomorrow's Women Wirral in Birkenhead, Prince Harry asserted his views on feminism. Women...

Virginia redeems themselves

Pictured here is a complete bracket from this year’s tournament. Virginia managed to win their six games, on their route to redeeming themselves from last years disappointing loss. “I was surprised the franchise finally won, but that team had so much talent,” said Evan Simonds ‘19.

Ian Babcock, Staff Writer

April 11, 2019

After 67 games, thousands of points being scored, and a champion established, March Madness is officially over. This year the tournament was crazy again, filled with upsets, late game heroics, and nail biting endings. The winner of the tournament this year was a one seed, but the one seed with the lowes...

Mohawk Tannery: A reminder of Nashua’s industrialized past

Commercial fencing surround the grounds of the proposed Superfund site where the former tannery remained in operation from 1924 to 1984. Throughout the lifetime of the plant, chemicals involved in the leather-tanning process were discharged into on-site lagoons.

Harry Bates, Asst. Editor-in-Chief

March 26, 2019

On approximately thirty acres on Fairmount Street in Nashua lays the remnants of the once thriving Granite State Leather company, commonly referred to as Mohawk Tannery, which remained in operation for nearly sixty years. With the site now nearing three-decades since its closure, the graffiti-vandalize...

Retail Therapy

The five Fashion and Retail Merchandising students, Hultz, Holmes, Willett, Jusczak and Lopez, stand around Willett’s artwork that will be featured on the show’s poster. The poster will highlight how fashion is more than just clothing, but also how it can convey moods and feelings. “ [The goal] is to create awareness for people struggling with mental health. I don't want that to be the elephant in the room anymore,” said Hancock.

Sydney Speir, Staff Writer

March 25, 2019

On Wed, May 22, HB’s Fashion and Retail Merchandising class will be holding its second fashion show at HBHS since 2015. The show, named Retail Therapy, is an initiative to raise mental health awareness within both the school and community. Although the show will take place in May, there are many mo...

One giant leap for womankind

Koch from NASA are set to complete a mission on the ISS on March 29th.

Josie Farwell, Staff Writer

March 25, 2019

On Mar. 29, as a fitting end to Women’s History Month, NASA has scheduled the first-ever all female space-walk. With astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch, and lead flight directors, Mary Lawrence and Jackie Kagey, the mission is predicted to be successful. According to the CNN report, flight contr...

Can you play like a girl?

Alex Morgan was drafted in 2011 and has been playing soccer for eight years now.

Paisley Broadhurst, Staff Writer

March 25, 2019

The United States Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) filed a lawsuit at the beginning of March 2019 against the United States Soccer Federation. The lawsuit was filed due to how the women’s team’s salary is drastically lower than the men’s team. According to the article by Money,com, femal...

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