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Chantal Jennings
Chantal Jennings is a senior in the class of 2016. Her claim to fame is her ability in martial arts. She does Uechi- Ryu at Neil Stone's Karate Academy in Brookline, New Hampshire. She has been doing karate for about ten years and has achieved the rank of second degree black belt. Many of her friends know she can kick some butt and know not to mess with her. Her fellow practitioners acknowledge her aggressiveness and know to be wary of her speed, especially with her high roundhouse kicks.

The amount of experience she has in the journalism field is minimal because she is only a J1. Fall 2015 is her first semester learning about the subject of journalism and integrating herself into the field. She likes to take photos and to write anything from poems to reports. Her plans after graduation are to go to college majoring in International Affairs or taking a gap year to work. Being a J1 this semester, she is excited to see where her work will go and knows the class will be beneficial to further progress her writing skills.

Chantal Jennings, Staff Writer

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Chantal Jennings