Treb Day is on its way!

Chantal Jennings, Staff Writer

Trebuchet day is scheduled for October 30th where all levels of physics students gather to launch their personally built trebuchets in fun costumes. This year, the costumes are not restricted to the normal Medieval theme because it’s on the day before Halloween, so students can be as creative as they want.

Adam Wilcox, a physics teacher at Hollis Brookline High School, has been participating in the trebuchet project for three years now. Wilcox says the hardest part of the project from a teacher’s perspective is letting the students work independently. He says the physics applied in this project consists of calculating launch speed and determining the max height during the launch process.

Using the physics learned in class, the students could calculate the physics in how they managed to hit him. Only once has Wilcox been hit by a water balloon on purpose and another on accident when he got hit in the face, knocking his glasses off.

Rachel Jiang ‘16, one of the participating students, says the hardest part for a student is getting into a group. Drama between friends or classmates can make it difficult for a student to create or join a group with people they’re good at working with.

Another factor she has in mind as she starts the project is finances. She does not know how the materials are going to be paid for, considering she does not have a job, however, if she runs into trouble during the building process, she has parental connections that have backgrounds in physics to her group out.

Matthew Watrous ‘16, a student who has already completed the said project, suggests “Make sure you meet early, often. It’s a lot more work than you think.”

Watrous also says “Don’t expect everyone to be in the meeting.” That is because of everyone’s conflicting schedules. It’s near to impossible to have every single member of the group to be in the same place at the same time.

Other key parts are taking the extra credit options and playing music while working. Extra credit is a safety precaution that is important in case things don’t go to plan. Playing music while working makes time go by faster and sets a good mood as well.

From the teacher to the participating students, that’s treb in a wrap. Good luck to all participating students this year!