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Ian McNabb 20 leads a class discussion on political cartoons from the American Progressive-Era. Visibly honored to hold a leadership role, McNabb references Captain Philips by stating, I am the captain now!

A New Method of Education: Student-led Discussions

Harry Bates, News Editor May 3, 2019

With experimental education throughout the United States beginning to thrive, traditional methods regarding teaching future generations have come into question. Our public schooling system, at least...

The limit does not exist

The limit does not exist

Isabelle Linder, Staff Writer April 7, 2015

The idea of putting a limit on Advanced Placement classes has become an increasingly discussed subject nationwide. There are concerns that this generation’s teens face tremendous amounts of stress with...

Photo Credit: Maggie OHara

Economics classes practice the art of investing

Maggie O'Hara, Staff Writer December 17, 2014

Throughout November, Katie Pine’s sophomore-filled Economics classes learned how to work the stock market. Around 75 of Pine’s students participated in a stock market simulation, in which they received...

Punctuality: The Politeness of Kings

Punctuality: The Politeness of Kings

Adriana Radosavljevic, Guest Contributor December 15, 2014

Creak. The classroom door opens as the teacher continues to speak. The late student walks unsurely towards the teacher, shoes squeaking against the floor. She stands there holding a pass until the teacher...

Photo Credit: Sarah MacEachen

Farm-To-School Month is Here

Sarah MacEachen, Copyeditor October 16, 2014

October is always associated with Halloween candy, but in addition, this month can offer locally grown food ready for the picking. Apples, pumpkins, squash, and more are all in season, and this year,...

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