Economics classes practice the art of investing


Maggie O'Hara

Photo Credit: Maggie O’Hara

Maggie O'Hara, Staff Writer

Throughout November, Katie Pine’s sophomore-filled Economics classes learned how to work the stock market. Around 75 of Pine’s students participated in a stock market simulation, in which they received $200,000 of play money to invest however they chose to, within the guidelines of the project. The goal of the simulation was for students to  see how their money grows or stagnates in the stock market.

In each of the three classes, two awards were given. The first was the “Doughiest” prize, awarded to the person in each class that made the most money during the simulation. The other award given was Most Diversified, and it was given to the students of the class with the most diverse, or well-rounded, investment portfolio.

The student that earned the most money during this project was Jasraj Sidhu ‘17, earning a whopping total of nearly $26,470.