An epic build: the library box fort


Christine Heaton

With many materials to work with, students had a ball creating their fortress.

Rachel Marquis, Video Editor

During first period on Friday, March 31, an epic project for the HBHS library was completed. With an influx of new computers for lab 217 came an abundance of cardboard boxes and packing materials. These newfound assets were deemed appropriate for one thing only: a fort!


Librarian Christine Heaton and a group of students were the brains behind the operation. “First the fort was built, then the buttresses were constructed. After that came the epic path leading up to it,” said Heaton.


Construction workers assigned to the job were seniors Kat Pellerin and Tucker Wood. All hands were on deck as the fort came to life by a process of stacking and careful cardboard placement. “It was a great experience. Sitting in the fort feels like you’re on top of the world” said Pellerin. Many other students and teachers took a liking to the fort and its royal flair. There is only one rule surrounding the fort: “You must remove your backpack before entering the fort. If it swings and hits one wall it is all over, and nobody will forgive you,” said Heaton.


The fort will not reside as a permanent feature of the library, however the temporary fun it provided created long-lasting memories for all involved. “And it only fell apart once!” added Pellerin.


Flip through the slideshow to see the box fort in action!

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