Public speaking club makes a loud entrance

Lucas Cummings, co-creator of the public speaking club

Julie Christie, Assistant Editor

Everyone gets those butterflies right before a big presentation, a speech, or asking the breathtakingly attractive person just three lockers down out to the next dance. That’s where Lucas Cummings and Scott Goldberg, ‘15, come in. From speeches to promposals to the very first job interview, they want to help anyone who doesn’t feel confident in speaking up.

“We want to provide something educational and fun,” said Cummings, “You know, to teach people how to be confident and professional when they speak, whether it’s just a job interview or talking to girls at the mall.”

The club plans to meet when it is most convenient for its members. “We want a broad range of attendees,” said Goldberg, “There won’t be any cliques – you don’t need to be into sports or robotics, you don’t have to be a junior or a senior. It’s just for everyone, because we all get nervous about speaking at some point. Public speaking can be an intimidating prospect, and we want to change the approach from one of fear to confidence.”

Cummings and Goldberg can be contacted in person or through Facebook. The two advisors of the club, Mrs. Salamone and Mrs. Heaton, can also be contacted in school or by email, and the official HBHS Public Speaking website is still under construction.