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Julie Christie

Julie Christie, Editor-in-Chief

Julie Christie is returning to her third and final year with the CavChron as the Editor-in-Chief and is excited to expand the horizons of the paper. She hopes to install the CavChron not only as the primary news source for the students of Hollis Brookline, but also for the rest of the community. Her efforts are being put towards creating a solid online presence and re-establishing the CavChron in print. Outside of school, Julie likes to take photos and maintains a photography and graphic-design based blog. She has written for the Nashua Telegraph on many occasions, and learned from the New England Center for Investigative Reporting at Boston University for two weeks this past summer. She also spent several months writing a monthly column for the Hollis Agricultural Society. Julie is the president of Writers Club at HB, and is working on expanding the writing community throughout the school. After high school, Julie plans to study journalism, and eventually secure a job with the BBC in Africa as a regular correspondent and occasionally contribute photographic stories to National Geographic.

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eleanor quarles

[Photo] Eleanor Quarles

November 7, 2017
mark labak

[Photo] Mark Labak

October 26, 2017
WEBREADY_Kaitlin Johnson_Staff

[Photo] Kaitlin Johnson

February 21, 2017

[Photo] Mario Barassi

September 14, 2016

[Photo] Nate Corsetti

October 16, 2015

[Photo] Ava Occhialini

October 21, 2015

[Photo] Caroline Kroeger

December 10, 2015

[Photo] Andrew Carr

March 11, 2016
Scott Kroeger Headshot

[Photo] Scott Kroeger

February 18, 2016
Web Ready Paige Gionet

[Photo] Paige Gionet

January 20, 2016

[Photo] White vs. Wheat

Emma Dougherty, Tristin Machon Will Kingsley, News Editor, Staff Writer, Staff Writer
November 17, 2015
Web Ready Sammi Mills

[Photo] Samii Mills

October 22, 2015
Web Ready Maggie OHara

[Photo] Maggie O’Hara

September 15, 2014
A student* models how one person can actually have a different identity.

*This student is not transgender.

Transcenders of Genders

Julie Christie, Editor In Chief
April 13, 2015
While stome students oppose the change of tradition, some believe that the color of gowns are obsolete.

Grad Gown Showdown

Julie Christie, Editor in Chief
March 4, 2015
Among other activities in the library, Heaton created over a hundred valentines for students to take. There are only fourteen left.

[Photo] Love from the library

Molly McAndrews, Contributor
February 13, 2015
The above is an illustration of what cyber-bullying can look like. No one was bullied in the creation of this visual.

[Photo] The cyber conflict

Mike Morgan, Contributor
January 13, 2015

The FORCE awakens

Julie Christie, Editor in Chief
January 8, 2015
A miracle in itself

A miracle in itself

Julie Christie, Editor-in-Chief
November 21, 2014
Keeping calm at Comic-Con

Keeping calm at Comic-Con

Julie Christie, Editor-in-Chief
November 11, 2014
Book Nook: Reading Lolita

Book Nook: Reading Lolita

Julie Christie, Editor-in-Chief
October 9, 2014
Web wiping can be a problem as well as a saving grace to teens.

[Photo] Is web wiping wonderful?

Kai Holmes, Contributor
September 23, 2014

[Photo] Great breadth or deep depth?

Teresa Randlett, Assistant Entertainment Editor
September 15, 2014
An illustration imagining a possible change in the library, with a shelf removed, Heaton says that the space can be filled with comfortable seating for students.
Photo Credit: Julie Christie

Library undergoing renovations

Julie Christie, Editor-in-Chief
September 11, 2014
Photo Credit: Julie Christie

Freshmen hit the halls

Julie Christie, Editor-in-Chief
August 27, 2014
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