A friendly update on Unified Track


Ashlyn Mansfield

A couple of athletes and players pose together before their meet on May 1 at Concord High School. The team has been practicing for the past month in preparation for their first meet. “Everyone was excited for the meet, now we just have to practice to make perfect,” said Ashlyn Mansfield ‘19.

Lindsey Wood, Staff Writer

Now that spring is in full swing, athletes participating in spring sports have been preparing for the rest of their seasons, including the Unified Track team. With new players and coaches, everyone is excited to see what the rest of the season will bring.

The unified track team has 10 athletes, 19 partners, and two coaches. With all the support from one another, everyone is doing well thus far. “We all do a great job making sure everyone is successful and help those who are struggling so that we can make that happen,” said Ashlyn Mansfield ‘19, a three year unified track partner. The athletes have great things to say about the team as well. “My teammates are nice and really good, there is nothing bad on that team. I love the confidence in everyone, and we’re all supportive towards each other,” said Heather Stone ‘19, a first year track athlete.

With a new coach this year, everyone is learning new things about each other. Beckah Bagtaz, a case manager, is the head coach for this spring. “I’m looking forward to learning about track and getting to know the students,” said Bagtaz. “So far, I love coaching, I love teaching and working with kids and helping them learn something new, which is what I get to do during and after school now.”

There are only three meets left this year, so partners and athletes are setting goals for how they want to finish off what little is left of the season. “My goal this season is to be one of the fastest athletes on the team, and get first in a couple of races,” said Stone. “I used to be a part of crew, and only have played unified basketball, but I wanted to continue to be with the unified family,” she added. Coach Bagtaz has set goals as well. “As a coach, my goal this season is to be a good adult leader for everyone. For the team, I want the players to build their skills and friendships,” she said.

Lots of players are learning new things, and although they only practice once a week, they are doing very well. “I think the team as a whole has great potential and we all work together well,” said Mansfield.

The team hopes to take home first place at their next track meet today at Concord High School.