Guitar Night presents: The Fabulous 80’s


Sofia Barassi

This eye catching poster is located near the school cafeteria advertising Guitar Night to the school. Each year it is exciting to see which new posters will be hanging in the hallways, letting students know what is to come. “The faculty band will be performing one song [on Friday] and 14 people are supposed to join us on stage which is very exciting,” said Perry.

Sofia Barassi, Staff Writer

Guitar Night, which is always a hit at HB, is gearing up to exhibit some talent in the HBHS auditorium on Dec.14. People from all over the community pile into the school to watch the talented staff and students perform music from a wide variety of artists. This year’s theme is The Fabulous 80’s, throwing it back to artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Aerosmith and Queen.

In past years, Guitar Night was run by Mark Illingworth, a math teacher at HB, who founded the event. Until he retired at the end of the 2017-2018 school year, he took on all the event’s responsibilities and played in the staff band. This year, Eric Perry, a science teacher at HB and former professional musician, has adopted the program. Although he has performed in past years, Perry is preparing for his inaugural show as an organizer this Friday. “I’m feeling great and super excited,” said Perry.

A past performer, Taylor O’Connell ‘19, is stepping up to the mic again on Friday night. Taylor has been singing since she was six years old and enjoys it for a variety of reasons, “[i]t’s a way to express myself. I’m a pretty introverted person around people, but when I’m on stage I can express myself,” said O’Connell.

Taylor moved to HBHS in her junior year and her talent was noticed early on. A past student, Nick Sheppard ‘18, “asked me to practice with his band at his house and I met a lot of new people,”  said O’Connell. She later performed in the Spring 2018 production. “I’m excited for this year, but I wish I could have been a part of it for more than two years,” said O’Connell.

Guitar Night doesn’t just consist of the talented vocalists from Hollis and Brookline, but it incorporates the skillful instrumentalists from the community as well. Without the music played by the talented staff and students, the night would not be the same. The students who play the songs, whether it’s on the bass, drums or electric guitar, flood the auditorium with triumphant notes.

One student at HB, Jack Sinclair ‘19, has been performing at Guitar Night for three years and plans to make his last year special. Sinclair stated that he has been playing instruments since he was six years old and has “been in honors jazz band all four years of high school.” Outside of school, Sinclair shares his talent by playing in a band and, as he will be doing Dec.14, playing the bass for multiple singers at Guitar Night. “I will be playing music with Tim Sulin ‘19, Joe Messina ‘19, Peter Szczeszynski ‘19, and Steven Szczeszynski ‘20,” said Sinclair. Usually a trombone player, Sinclair will be showcasing his bass playing talents on this exhilarating night.

Guitar Night is a time and place for students to show the Hollis-Brookline community that there is more talent than imaginable in our two tiny towns. “It’s a great way for kids who don’t play sports and even who aren’t in a band to showcase what [talents] they have,” said O’Connell.

This year’s Guitar Night is sure to bring in a lot of people and it’s surely not one to miss. The show begins at 7 pm in the auditorium on Dec.14.