HB auto skills moving FORDward


Competitors working on the “hands on” portion of the competition.

Sophia Hall, News Editor

We all see those big trucks in the lower lot as most students drive to the upper lot. Two of those students, Jack Buchanan and Liam Tardif, have been nominated into the National AAA/Ford Automotive Competition this year taking place June 8 through June 10, 2014.

There are a few steps to the competition, beginning with a written exam. Students who score highest on this exam (usually the top ten teams) go on to compete in a hands-on competition. This challenges the students to fix Ford vehicles as quickly as possible while also working efficiently. The winning, two person team from each state is provided an expense-paid trip to the national finals at the Ford Motor Company Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. Upon arrival in Michigan, students take another written exam and a compete in similar hands-on competition. The team with the fewest mistakes is the winner.

“We start training everyday after school  a little before Thanksgiving. States are in May, and nationals are at the end of the year. We can each win up to 250,000 dollars in scholarship money, tools, and a car if we win nationals. Our teachers has a very good track record in the competition so Jack and I think we will go far,” said Tardif.

Buchanan and Tardif are able to win scholarships, trophies, apparel, certificates, shop manuals, trips and automotive equipment. The grand prize for this year’s competition will be an all-expense paid trip to the Wood Brothers Racing facility in Virginia where the students and instructor will work on race cars and learn from top automotive engineers. The winners will also attend a race as VIP.