Stress upon graduation


Brandon Iodice ’19

Myra Morin(left) Jeremiah Lones(middle) Krystle Plumadore(right) pose for a picture as senior year comes to an end. “In the end we are all ready to graduate,” said Plumadore ’19.

Myra Morin, Staff Writer

With the year coming to an end, there are less than four days left of official high school for Hollis Brookline seniors. With the end of the year, there comes lots of stress and emotions until seniors are officially done. As of  May 31, seniors will be done with all of their classes along with their finals. Since graduation is coming shortly after the last day of school, it can be stressful getting everything prepared for students who will be going to college in the fall.

As a senior here at HB, it can be very overwhelming with the amount of work students have to juggle. There are a lot of opportunities here at HB, including honors and AP classes, clubs and sports, all of which can be hard to focus on at once. It can result in a major crisis in being able to stay stable throughout the last couple of weeks. While all these emotions and thoughts about graduating can distract students, we can remember that everything is going to be okay, because we are almost there.

Not only do students have to worry about senior year wrapping up academically, but we have all these tasks we have to accomplish before we graduate such as our graduation ceremony. Senior Krystle Plumadore is particularly ready to get out. On a scale from 1-10, of how stressed  Plumadore is she said she’s at “ a three, only for the reason that senior week is filled with long graduation rehearsals that I feel are unnecessary, but I’m just excited to get out of here!” With over 230 students graduating this year, it’s going to take quite some time to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. While Plumadore is ready to escape high school, she’s excited to be attending Westfield State University in the fall for early childhood education.

Brandon Iodice ‘19 and Jeremiah Lones ‘19 have similar outlooks on senior year ending. Their stress levels are very low because they’re both ready to get out of high school. “There’s no reason for me to be stressed out because I’m ready to go to college and get out of high school,” said Iodice ’19. Lones said, “There’s no real point about being stressed because I’m ready for the next chapter in life.” Both boys are extremely ready to get out of high school and start their new lives as college students in the fall. Iodice will continue to follow his career with football at Plymouth State University along with majoring in criminal justice. Lones will be attending Franklin Pierce University for business.

As for myself, my senior year has been quite stressful in some ways. As a junior graduating early it has been challenging to tie all the loose ends to make sure I am eligible to graduate on time. I have thought to myself when I am stressed out that there is no reason to be because everything will work out, in the end, no matter what. I have stuck to that through this journey of senior year and, luckily, it has worked in my favor. I will be continuing my career at Plymouth State University, majoring in criminology and pre-law. While moments throughout senior year can be rocky, it has all ended for the best for all of us seniors.

Graduation date is set to June 8, at 10 a.m. at HBHS. Come join us to see all of our seniors graduate and be able to celebrate pushing through all the stress.