Holiday for heroes


Heidi Foster

Students participated in the Oct. 28 Holiday for Heroes party, while indulging in cookies and apple cider. They signed 323 cards over the course of the event, but the Red Cross Club hopes to collect more. For those interested in future events relating to Holiday for Heroes, Lorenzo Occhialini ‘20 said, “If you just come in for 15 minutes and write out a few cards, that is a huge help to us.”

Megan Strecker, Web Editor

Holiday for Heroes, an event run by the HB Red Cross Club for the past nine years, is wrapping up their card-making festivities. Unlike past years, the Red Cross moved up their deadline for their cards to mid-November in order to send out the cards earlier.

On Oct. 28, the club had their annual party where its members watched Elf as they signed cards that would be sent overseas to veterans during the winter holiday season. Each member received a bundle of cards to fill out over the course of the meeting which would later be reviewed and counted.

Normally, the party is centered around the holiday season, but with the party being moved to an earlier date, it seemed much more fitting for it to reflect the Halloween season. “In the past, we’ve always watched Elf, and we have Christmas cookies and hot chocolate…This year, because it was so early, we went with more cider, apples, Halloween cookies, and we watched [Caroline,]” said the English Department Head and founder of the Red Cross Club, Heidi Foster.

For the volunteers, the event is so much more than just a movie night and the treats. “[It’s about] focusing on us sharing the spirits and sentimentality of the holiday season,” said Lorenzo Occhialini ‘20, who has been a member for four years now. “[Holiday for Heroes was created because of] concerns about veterans overseas not being able to spend time with their families back in the states.”

Megan McLaughlin ‘21, a member since her freshman year, said, “It is one of my favorite [events]. It’s really festive and you feel like you’re doing something nice at the same time. A lot of time during the Christmas and holiday season, we focus on getting things and what we want, but it’s just a really nice chance to give back.”

For those who are interested in participating in Holiday for Heroes, there is still time left. With the chances of a second card-making party in the works for an upcoming CavBlock, the Red Cross Club hopes to collect as many cards as possible. According to Foster, one year the club gathered 803 cards, about double the current amount. Cards can also be dropped off in the donation box found in the library for those who are unable to attend the event.

“It’s just really amazing. It’s something that takes like two minutes out of your time to write a nice note: ‘thank you for your service and happy holidays.’ For someone overseas, it means so much, especially since they can’t be home with their family. It’s a way of saying, ‘We remember you and we are really thankful for all that you’re doing. We still really care about you, even when you’re not here with us right now!’” said McLaughlin.