How COVID-19 has affected my life and the lives of others


Abigail Brown

The pandemic has affected lots of people’s lives. Over the last few months everything has changed, and people have had to make changes in their lives for example wearing masks. As long as we are there for each other and are patient, we can get through this.

Abigail Brown, Op-Ed Editor

In March 2020, schools, stores, and public places began shutting down due to health concerns from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This affected everybody’s life in many different ways, including my own. Who knew I would be home laying in bed doing my school work, unable to play sports and fully participate in extracurricular activities?


At the start of the 2021 school year, students and teachers had a tough decision to decide whether to stay home either for comfort or health reasons and do remote learning/teaching or attend school fully in person while following guidelines. “It has been a challenge. I just want the students to know I am always there for them and they have my full support in their learning,” said Susan Mooers, a math teacher at Hollis-Brookline High School. The pandemic has made many obstacles for students and their learning, and teachers have been very patient and helpful during this time.


When the pandemic hit, stores started to shut down and only the essentials were open; it was hard to go anywhere if you even wanted to. Even when you wanted to go to stores, some people were worried about their safety, and many people chose curbside pickup, delivery, and takeout instead. “We use Hannaford To Go all the time. Very rarely I am in a grocery store,” said Mooers. My family and I, along with many others, choose this option as well, buying in bulk when possible and picking safer options. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many schools, and HB is just one of them. To try and help curb the spread of the virus, the administration has put longer blocks in place to limit the movement in the hallways and allow for time to clean between classes. The movement may have helped limit the spread, but it has placed more stress on many students like Izzy LeBlanc 21’. “Teachers give a lot more work because we don’t meet many times a week, so they just pile stuff on and you just have to get it done,” said LeBlanc. Some teachers especially those with AP courses, still have to maintain a certain pace to get through all their course material which may be stressful for some students. 


Both in school and out of school activities have been affected by the pandemic. LeBlanc is the vice president of NHS at HB and has found it difficult to have club meetings in person this year.  “We have no volunteer opportunities because no one wants to go out,” said LeBlanc. This is very true when clubs meet whether it’s a school club, sport, or anything out of school you are risked to getting exposed to COVID-19. A lot of extracurriculars are over Zoom, or are not happening at all. 

Samantha Howe, ‘21’, from Colebrook Academy says her senior year is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as well.”We can’t do a lot of stuff for Halloween, we usually dress up in costumes and walk around to the younger kids classrooms and we can’t do that anymore. Also off campus lunch privileges are taken away this year,” said Howe. She was sad that a lot of privileges seniors got years before her were taken away this year due to the pandemic.


COVID-19 has affected many lives, For more information on how COVID-19 has affected New Hamphsire visit The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services