Water vs. Milk



This warm cup of hot chocolate is filled with Swiss Miss powder, water, and marshmallows. Sit back relax and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate in your home this holiday season. “I always love a nice cup of cocoa while watching Christmas movies,” said Roy 21.’

Abigail Brown, Op-Ed Editor

It’s that time of the year to sit back, relax and watch classic Christmas movies with your most comfortable pajamas and have a nice cup of hot chocolate. Picking out what movie to watch can be very fun when the whole family chimes in, but the real question is, when you’re sitting back drinking the warm hot chocolate, do you use milk or water?  


A student at Canaan High Hunter Roy school states that he likes water in his hot chocolate because the milk is too thick and sweet. “The thought of drinking warm milk doesn’t seem appetizing to me,” said Roy 21.’  I agree that the thought of drinking warm milk plain does not seem appetizing. 

On the website the Inflenster ,everyone said milk was the better option because it gives the hot chocolate a more rich and creamy flavor. One comment on the website was milk “gives it a real homemade taste said, ” Alexandria C. That seems to be everyone’s argument when people argue that milk is the better option, it gives it a more rich taste. 

Samantha Howe 21’  likes milk in her hot chocolate because it gives it more flavor and it’s not watered down. She also mentioned putting chocolate milk in instead of water or milk to give it an even richer taste said, Samantha Howe from Colebrook Academy 21’. Chocolate milk also has a thicker consistency which is also why she likes it. I think the best way to drink hot chocolate is water from your sink, put it in your keriage if you have one, or microwave. Then I add french vanilla syrup hot cocoa mix with marshmallow from Swiss and whip cream. This combination makes a delicious hot chocolate. “I agree with having marshmallows in my hot chocolate,” said, Roy 21’. 


If you prefer water in your hot chocolate, you may not have much of a sweet tooth since the water dilutes the hot chocolate. If you put milk in your hot chocolate, it sweetens the warm drink right up. Some people are set on what they like and could never see the other way. When it comes down to it for me it depends what I feel like. Sometimes a warm glass of milky hot chocolate will fill my craving of something sweet. Then on the other hand, sometimes I put water in just to taste the hot chocolate packet and it’s less sweet. 

Overall, though there is a debate between whether water or milk tasted better in hot chocolate most people enjoy this delicious drink during the holiday season. To look at the debate over water and milk in hot chocolate visit the website Gourmet Dispensing.