Spirit Week


This year Hollis Brookline held spirit week May 15-19. This year, the seniors won the spirit week competition. “Spirit week is fun for everyone,” said Oetjetns ‘21.

Abigail Brown, Op-Ed Editor

This year at Hollis-Brookline High School from March 15-19, spirit week took place for all students and staff. Spirit week is a friendly competition between classes on who has the most spirit, by dressing up for each day’s theme. This year the themed days were Pj Day, Tropical Tuesday, Wizard Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and School Spirit Day. On Friday the 19, spirit week videos were shown as well. Each class picked a theme, andmade a skit and dance related to this theme, which also counted towards the total spirit points.


This year the seniors won followed by juniors, sophomores, and then freshman. According to Jalisa Cora, the junior class president, they had announced the winners on Friday after the skits had finished. “Pajama day was the most popular day in my eyes,” said Cora ‘22. She added that she thinks people do enjoy spirit week, but on the other hand, it just can be stressful for student council and the student body might not see that. Many people don’t realize that there is a lot of work that goes into it, Cora also added. Overall, she thinks everyone enjoys dressing up and watching the skits to see all the hard work come together. 


Joey Oetjens ‘21 is the senior student council president. He thinks that Tropical Tuesday is the most popular day because a lot of people participate. He also mentioned that a couple years ago, Student Council tried to take away, which sparked a big outrage because it was such a popular day among students. On another note, Wednesday is the day that changes the most often. “Wizard Wednesday there was a pretty good turnout because it turned into something competitive,” said Oetjens. Oetjens also added that spirit week is fun because you can coordinate with friends.


John Sommer ‘23 is the sophomore student council president. He said that he thinks pajama day was the most popular, which is also his favorite as well. The other four days are still good days, Sommer also added, but pajama day is still a fan favorite. When everything comes together, it is nice to see all of the components come together to make a fun week for everyone. “Spirit week is always very stressful for student council, mostly all of the build up to it because it takes a lot of work and coordinating,” said Sommer ‘23. He added that we had a successful spirit week for all of the grades, even if the freshmen tend to struggle every year because it is new for them and they are figuring things out. 


Overall, spirit week is always a success and a ton of fun, from the skits, posters and dressing up. The friendly competition is a favorite of many and students always look forward to this week.