Remote learning in depth


Remote learning has been different for everyone this year and we have all experienced some type of remote learning. Hollis Brookline students still have the choice to choose to be in person or remote. “I don’t enjoy long periods of remote learning but sometimes it is a good break,” said Samantha Messina ‘21.

Abigail Brown, Op-Ed Editor

Quarter three is almost over at Hollis Brookline High School. This year at HB the school has made decisions at times to have all HB students learn remotely. Students have also had the choice to be remote all year round when it was not mandatory. After February break, HB decided for everyone to be remote from March 1 to March 9 to allow for travelers to quarantine before coming back to school. 


When students travel out of New England, the school mandates that everyone quarantines to make sure that everyone is kept safe. Many went to Florida or elsewhere over February break, while others stayed home. Students that are in-person that did not travel may not see why we have a remote learning period. But overall, it made sense for everyone to take a break to ensure safety. 


This year some students and teachers have chosen to be remote all year, so when the whole school goes into a remote learning setting it might affect them and interrupt how they usually go about their day. Remote learning is very different from In-Person. When students have a Cav Block or study hall at school they get to go to the library, cafeteria, auditorium, or assigned classroom, but space is limited so they usually have to find somewhere else to study. when at home, students and teachers have more freedom and flexibility. Some students may keep doing work while others may use their time differently during students’ free periods. 


As we head into Quarter 4, students will still have the choice to continue Remote Learning or come back to school as space allows in individual classrooms. Cheyanne Rizzitano‘22 has been remote all year because it is easier and more convenient for her. She is taking two college classes, so it gives her more time to balance the work that she has to do. “It is easier to be remote and take college classes because I have more time on my hands that I use constructively,” said Rizzitano ‘22. Also being remote allows more time and not to rush between classes which allows students to focus more. Trudi Thompson, who is the anatomy teacher at HB, prefers In-Person classes. She likes being able to see all of her students and she feels like she gets to know her students better with In-person learning. Students get to do more hands-on work in school like labs, dissections, and much more when in school. Lindsey Dejoie ’22, a student who likes both in person and remote learning, states that “there are both pros and cons.” 


When all students are remote, some students have more freedom and choice during study halls, Cav Block, and senior options. “I study for the numerous quizzes and assignments given to me,” said Rizzitano ‘22. She does work during her free time to stay caught up in the day. Dejoie also uses time to do work that’s due that day and homework during remote days. 


The school can and does go remote for many reasons, especially if Covid numbers are too high or there is a concern. If students went on vacation or feel sick they have to go remote for a period of time. Also, some students go remote for health concerns or for other personal reasons. The school going remote can affect the students who are already remote. “When the school goes remote, and everyone is in school, I find it hard to visually hear and or take notes in some of my classes,” says Rizzitano ‘22. Thompson thinks that after break we did remote learning because a majority of students went on vacation or somewhere out of New England. “If we have a lot of students out of school it is harder to have more on the zoom,” says Thompson.  Dejoie was one of the students that had traveled over break. “I felt safe traveling,” said Dejoie ‘22. Thompson doesn’t mind having a little bit of remote time after break to ease back into school, but doesn’t like remote learning for much longer than two weeks. 


Everyone has a different idea of what works for them and having options for this year that the school provided to make sure everyone is safe is helpful.