Graduation at HB this year

Abigail Brown, Op-Ed Editor

Hollis-Brookline graduation is moving forward as planned with fewer restrictions than last year despite the pandemic. This year’s graduation will be almost your typical graduation at HB which is exciting for HB as a whole. 


Last year, with the hit of the Covid-19 pandemic, graduating seniors at HB had a graduation that looked different than others in the past. Graduates were allowed only two guests, typically the graduate’s parents. They were not allowed to walk across the stage to receive their diploma. Instead, they were seated in the middle of their two guests and stood up when their name was announced, with their guests handing them their diploma.


This year at HB, graduation will take place on June 12 at 10 a.m. With graduation details moving along, each senior will be allowed four guests which is two more than last year. Each of the four graduate’s guests will be socially distanced from others while being in their own little square. Also, this year graduates will be able to walk across the stage and receive their diploma and will be seated as a class instead of with their parents. 


The graduation committee plans a lot of the graduation process. Stacey Plummer, a math teacher at HB, has been on the graduation committee for many years. “Anything related to what the students are doing we take care of. We create the line up and where students need to be lined up and where their seats are going to be. Also how to walk in and what to do when is taken care of by the committee,” states Plummer. “Another great addition to HB graduates is younger siblings of the graduates will be holding floral arches that the seniors usually walk under,” added Plummer. She also mentioned that this year’s graduation will almost be a normal HB graduation. The only difference is graduates are only allowed four guests and not an unlimited number due to Covid-19. 

Samantha Messina ‘21 is glad to hear that graduation will be almost just like a normal graduation. She would like to have more than four seats for graduation but understands the concern and is grateful for what the school has done. “I am excited to graduate and even though it hasn’t been a completely normal year we have to be thankful for all that the school did have to offer this year,” said Messina. 


For more information on graduation, check your emails from HBHS and seniors can check google classroom for updates.