Local “Dollars for Scholars” Chapter Now Accepting Applications from Graduating Seniors

Ann Birch

Hollis and Brookline High School seniors are encouraged to apply for scholarships from the local Hollis/Brookline chapter of Dollars for Scholars, a community-based, volunteer-run organization that aims to help students achieve their educational goals by raising scholarship funds, establishing endowments, providing assistance with college readiness, and distributing scholarships each year.  In 2021, the group awarded scholarships totaling  $17,500 to Hollis & Brookline seniors Cayden Plummer, Rory Klauber, Oliver Hugh, Tyler Trombly, and Hannah Brown.

Currently, two different scholarship funds are available for students graduating from Hollis Brookline High School this year who plan to continue their path to higher education. The Hollis Brookline Dollars for Scholars scholarships are awarded to Hollis and Brookline students graduating from Hollis Brookline High School who exhibit excellence in academics, leadership in extra-curricular activities, community service/involvement, and an interest in learning.

Secondly, the William E. and Lorraine W. Dubbens Scholarship is for seniors from Brookline who are pursuing higher education. This scholarship is suited for those who may not excel in academics, but who demonstrate a strong motivation to achieve their potential.  This scholarship was started in 1999 by Bill and Lorraine Dubbens, who were very involved with young people and started the scholarship fund to help students who are working through adversity to achieve their potential. They firmly believed that “you get back what you give out”. Students who may have struggled in high school but who are motivated to pursue their passions in college are encouraged to apply for this scholarship.  Funding for the Dubbens Scholarship is provided by the William E. and Lorraine W. Dubbens Scholarship Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

The Dollars for Scholars organization believes in the promise of young people and education. Each year the group awards the largest amount of local scholarship funds to Hollis Brookline High School graduating seniors. Contributions from members of our community have enabled us to recognize outstanding students and support their college education. Tax-deductible donations to the scholarship fund are always welcome and can be made online through the website.  The group encourages all high school seniors to find out about these scholarships on their website  www.hollisbrookline.dollarsforscholars.org. Students can also inquire with a school guidance counselor. The online deadline for both applications is April 19, 2022