Memorial Tournament to begin soon

Evan Daskalos, Contributor

Tuesday, Dec. 9, marked one year since the passing of good friend and teammate Cam Ricard, who tragically passed away car accident last year. This was a day of sorrow and mourning for many people of HBHS and the local community Cam was a senior here at HBHS, and also an avid hockey player. Cam loved hockey more than anything and was a very skilled player, he was fast, agile and had an amazing shot, one that put many pucks in the net for the HBHS hockey team.

In keeping Cam’s memory alive, a pond hockey tournament has been organized for the second year in a row. The 2nd Annual Cam Ricard Memorial Pond Hockey Tournament is being held at the Brookline Public Skating Rink on Saturday, Jan. 3.

Registration is open until December 27 and you can register teams of three to play in the tournament, no matter your age or skill level. Registration is open to 50 teams this year, even if you are not playing in the tournament all are welcome to attend. It is suggests that each team makes a 15 dollar donation, which will go to the Cam Ricard Memorial Scholarship Fund.

If you would like to register to play in the pond hockey tournament, email j[email protected] with the names of the players on your team, also the skills level of your team and players on a 1 to 10 scale.