HBHS Chemistry Club teaches future scientists

Maggie O'Hara, Staff Writer

Since January 30, the Hollis-Brookline High School Chemistry Club has held Junior Chemistry Club seminars for kids in first grade and up.

This is the initiative’s second year, and the club is really looking forward to “spread science in the community” says club president Cassie Kendall, ‘15.

The club is going to be working with Amye Renaud, a second-grade teacher at Hollis Primary School, in order to inspire younger kids by teaching them “big-kid science” in a lab setting. Each of the four sessions, taking place on Jan. 30, Feb. 13, March 13, and April 10, will be a 45-minute session with its its own lesson plan.

During the seminars, the club will be teaching the basics of chemistry in an understandable way for the young attendees. These kids will learn in a safe and hands-on way about energy, changes in state, states of matter, pressure, polymers, and possibly even acids and bases.

Last year, in the first official year of Junior Chemistry Club, 80 aspiring young scientists got the chance to experience the seminars, and this year, the club is more organized, excited and ready for the young students.

The Chemistry Club is a small club at HB, a group of people that enjoy science. Kendall said that members of the club don’t have to be particularly good at chemistry itself, but that most members do have a passion for the subject.

The members of the club look forward to continuing the spread of science in the community through future sessions, both during this year and years to come.