HB Community page becomes warm, welcoming place

Siddhartha Guatama, Bringer of Peace

The members on Hollis Brookline Community page have recently become very caring, and sweet. Last week, Lisa Kitten who is an honorary member for some time, posted on the page, “Hello, members of the community,” she said, “ I just want to say that I love all the choices that the administration has made this year and I have absolutely nothing to complain about.”

This comment alone started an influx of caring comments. Mark Robust responded to her post immediately, “I love your kids Lisa,” he said, “and I love that this page is a place where I can praise the work of other parents! Keep doing you Lisa, xoxo.”

The students are very proud of their parents for making such strides in their behavior. “I am so proud of my mom. Last year, she got in some trouble for harassing some students over costumes or something. But now, she spends her time writing compliments on the page, and praising students for their hard work,” said Rupert Rude ‘18 regarding his mother’s recent behavior.

John Pickle, whom has been known for referring to other parents as “Crazy Complainers” had a lot to say about the sudden change in the behavior on the page. “At first, I was upset that all my fellow ‘haterz’ had left me in the dark, but then I thought, maybe, just maybe, the Hollis Brookline Page is destined for great things. Maybe, with enough positivity and smiling parents… we can make a difference,” said Pickle, has recently decided to  take up a hobby. “I feel really good,” he said, “I don’t spend my time judging anymore. I have learned to accept all opinions- regardless of what absurd opinions they choose to have.”

Hollis Brookline High School applauds these adults for making a positive change in their behavior. Bravo! Bravo indeed.