Wherefore ART thou, new designs?

Niki Maragos, Contributor

Semester two has Interior Design students working hard with their “clients” to get their assignments up and finished, and their work is everywhere. Teacher Candice Hancock has five groups working this year on new pieces of wall art, in Ms. Given’s room, the nurse’s office, Mr. Evans’ room, Ms. St. Pierre’s room, and the library.

One group, called Fine Design and including Allyson Jeffreys, Devin Philbrook, Julia Hurlburt and Livy Monbleu, all ‘18, have been asked by Ms. Given to turn her back wall into a piece resembling stained-glass art. The girls have dedicated many hours during and after school to painting the perfect design.

Similarly, Monika Schneider, ’16, Maddy Blake, ‘16, and Gabby Pickard, ‘15, who call themselves MGM Designs, have been asked by Ms. St. Pierre to paint her walls teal and add a fun texture to them. They helped to make her room feel more homey so that her students can feel comfortable while taking her Wellness classes.

Another group, known as Unified and comprised of Liam Walker ‘17, Aidan Keehan ‘16, and Sarah Martin ‘16, have designed bright images of bananas, superheroes, and a quote for Mr. Evans’ room.

This project is more than just doodling on the walls of Hollis-Brookline. Mrs. Hancock and her interior design students work extremely hard each year, with happy clients and beautiful pieces of work to be remembered by once they have completed their high school years.