Shout out to Sheeran


Ed Sheeran

Natalie Haytayan, Social Media Editor


Ed Sheeran has slowly transformed from the small town kid from Halifax, England into one of the most talented singer/songwriters on the map right now. The singer/guitarist/songwriter/music connoisseur has proven himself a legend in the making. His music borderlines the world of Pop and the world of singer songwriter heaven. His album ‘X’ has recently been named the number one album in the U.S as well as the U.K. Not only has Sheeran’s music debuted on charts all across the world, but some of his work, including ‘I See Fire,’ has been featured in large scale movies such as The Hobbit.

Using his romantic appeal and his poetic lyric writing, Sheeran finds a way to capture the essence of a timeless song. Unlike many artists today, Sheeran leads his musical career purely with his artistry, as opposed to with costumes and props. At his concerts, he keeps an audience completely immersed in his music just by standing on the stage with a guitar and his voice. The singer’s music is a mix of everything a crowd could ask for. Sheeran’s albums dip into many different styles that appeal to a huge variety of people. He slows it down and jerks a tear in songs like ‘Small Bump’, as well as songs that make sitting still impossible, like ‘Sing’.

Sheeran’s music can be compared to legends from all over time. His soul can be compared to Aretha Franklin, while his swag and rhythm is similar to those of Elvis. His lyrics compare to Elton John and his humble, friendly image resembles the infamous Stevie Wonder. Since his first released album, Sheeran has become a household name. With each song he performs live, he steals the hearts of even more melting girls (and boys). As said before, this guy is a legend in the making, so shoutout to Sheeran for already providing the public with music that not only stays in our mind, but in our hearts.