Red Ribbon Week

Emma Dougherty, News Editor

The annual spring school wide walk is coming around again at Hollis Brookline High School, except now it is going to be taking place in fall. This year, the walk will be held on October 22, 2015, to kick off Red Ribbon Week.

Red Ribbon Week is intended to raise the awareness of students to making healthy choices. Students are encouraged to wear red on the 22nd to help the cause gain attention.


Administration has decided to move the walk to fall because of spring testing.

“Smarter Balance testing, NECAPS, and AP[tests]” Richard Barnes states, “[makes it] a really busy time of year.”


The Life of a Cavalier Club has created and displayed posters promoting the walk around the school. Students and staff will be asked to make a healthy pledge this week and next week during CavBlock. The pledges will be displayed in the back lobby on the day of the walk. Students may leave the pledges anonymous if they wish to do so.

Life of a Cavalier Club supports the cause and will be a big player in raising awareness for the cause. Their motto is “Respect yourself, make healthy choices”


Since it will be too cold for popsicles, thirty to fifty pumpkins were donated from Lull Farm and will be used for pumpkin carving. The usual band will still perform this year as well so be prepared for some cool music and pumpkin carving.