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Emma Dougherty
Emma Dougherty ‘16 spent the early years of her life traveling to and from Australia; she looks forward to the day she can move back to the land of the Aussies and enjoy the beautiful scenery and excitement that waits for her there. Her favorite subjects in school are those that involve English. And considering she, as well as her three other siblings, have dual citizenship with Australia she has plenty of cultural experiences to write about. Emma loves Journalism and was inspired to take the class due to the fact that her sister, Katie Dougherty ‘13, who graduated already, was a News Editor for the school. Emma '16, who is now a senior, is carrying on her sister's legacy as the current New Editor for the CavChron. She is nearing the end of her high school career  and is more than ready to follow in her sister’s footsteps in the near future.

In addition to Dougherty’s natural ability for writing, she has always had a passion for animals. For a while, she wanted to be a veterinarian, but later changed her mind due to the fact that it would include more math and science and not enough English for her liking. However, Dougherty’s love for animals remains prominent. She has had many pets over the years, including sixteen chickens , three ducks, twelve ducklings, two cats, a bunny, multiple hermit crabs, some fish, and a dog. Dougherty has also owned horse, Star, a Palomino and she had enjoyed riding for ten years as a horsewoman.


Emma Dougherty, News Editor

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Emma Dougherty