Turns out senior year is not a breeze


Shannon Fitzpatrick

Senior Kendall Pestana ’16, hard at work

Shannon Fitzpatrick, Contributor

The class of 2016 has had their eyes opened to what senior year really looks like.  Many people were expecting it to be a breeze. Students who are being faced with major life decisions are finding it’s harder than expected. Forget the stress of applying to college or finding a job to support yourself, you have to keep up your grades and enjoy your last year of high school.


“I thought it was going to be easy but, it’s not. It’s stressful to do college applications and  have to make such major life decisions.” Tatiana Taylor ‘16. Many people feel pressure to make their last year of high school one to remember. However, seniors are struggling to find a balance between regular school work, making sure graduation requirements are completed, and figuring out what their next steps are.


Some are finding their last year hard for other reasons, senior Wayne Soucy ‘16 said “I really screwed up freshman year and I’m paying for that now. I have to work hard to keep my GPA up so I can get into college.”  Many seniors were informed that their last year would be the easiest. A time to enjoy life and spend time with the people you grew up with before everyone goes their own way. Graduates left out one important detail; it’s still stressful.
“I expected several classes to be easier based off of what seniors last year told me.” stated Madeline Moynihan ‘16. As senior year progresses, everyone just has to remember that the past eleven years of schooling have brought us to this point. Many years, many struggles but also many successes have come out of our hard work. Keep pushing through, by June 2016 everything will be sorted out.