The Green Group is back and ready to recycle

Stephanie Buchanan, Staff Writer

Seven years later, Hollis Brookline has brought back the Green Group, thanks to Maryanne Rotelli, a biology teacher here at HB. The club meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month in room 309 and addresses issues within our school that can help the environment.

The current issues that the club is trying to address is recycling; the club anticipates a meeting with Mr. Barnes to discuss the procedures which have to be followed in order to  get recycling back at HB.  


“It sounds like a great idea. Many of these issues have been overlooked within our school; I am glad to see them being addressed,” said Erin Robbins, a Spanish teacher here at HB.


Students within our school are thrilled that the program is back. “I’ve always been confused as to why we don’t recycle so I’m pumped that we will be starting it again,” said Cecilia Eliopoulos ‘16.  


The club is hoping to see a rise in the number of members so that they can address a number of issues at the same time.


“I believe it is important  to  take care of the environment we live in,” Rotelli said, from ideas the club has about placing a plant in each classroom to replacing the styrofoam trays in the cafeteria, the club will try to erase the large carbon footprint we are leaving here at HB.


“I’m thrilled it’s back!” Becky Balfour said. As the club begins to form itself once again, more and more people are hearing about it and getting excited. The club is in hopes of expanding its ideas to all subjects around the school.


“ Not all clubs at HB always follow through on their word, but I feel as though the green group is an exception because the members and advisor are passionate about the subject, “ said Maggie Devlin ‘16.