Got Wheels? Go Here.


Teresa Randlett

Ben Lombardi ready to race off to HB’s Best.

The Souhegan Valley area has an abundance of options no matter what you want to do, where you want to go, or what you want to eat. The problem with all these options is how to choose which one is the best. No one wants to get their tastebuds up for pizza and be disappointed with a plastic cheese and mush meat disaster. That mindset also goes for when deciding to choose the best sunset spot: no one wants power lines and traffic to ruin the bountiful amount of colors strewn across the sky.

After consulting with the Hollis-Brookline community, a list of superlatives for several categories of places to go and things to do surfaced.

It all starts with food, the main source of life, of course. When asking 50 students, the result for the best food joint overall was Chipotle, which can be found in both northern Nashua (Amherst St.)  and southern Nashua (Daniel Webster Highway). The fresh quality and immense quantity of food people get for their money won over even the fast food restaurant, Chick-Fil-A. Jenna Swabowicz ‘15 agrees that Chipotle wins fair and square, “Chipotle is my favorite fast food place because fried food can give you clogged arteries and is overall a healthier option-but still quick.”


The best option for a cold treat after a filling meal at Chipotle is Doc Davis, voted best by Hollis-Brookline students. The endless amount of flavors are guaranteed to excite every customer’s palette. With two locations, one in Brookline the other on the state line near Hollis, Doc Davis is a central spot for a delicious treat for either town members.   


After that ice cream hitting the spot, head on over to the “best movie theater in the area”, AMC, located in Tyngsboro, Mass. Between the comfort of the red leather chairs, the premium popcorn and drink selection, and the small theaters allowing for an intimate viewing, it is considered to be the ultimate movie experience. What tops all other theaters is not just the gushy chairs, but the fact that the pair of them can recline to a full on bed, just with huge armrests (that also have the option of removing!). Senior Nick Napior suggests, “The best row is the second one: perfect angle for viewing when laid flat out.”

If the crew isn’t up for a night out on the town, head back to someone’s “casa” for some Netflix for the night, as it was voted best cheap date night by the HB student community. To complete the night of relaxing in sweats on the couch, ask Siri to order in a Val’s pizza that can be delivered right to the doorstep, as it was voted best pizza place.


If all else fails, head over to Walmart, voted the “best store to find everything” right in Amherst. If you feel like making a burrito, grabbing your own tub of ice-cream, or picking up a DVD instead of traveling around town to multiple places, all of the above can be found at the one-stop supercenter.


But let’s say your mouth is watering for some fresh fruit- ripe off the tree. Although it can be found at Walmart, the fresh of the fresh can be found at the best voted farmstand located in both Hollis and Brookline, Lull Farm. There, they offer both seasonal “pick-your-own” along with grab-n-go an extensive amount of home-grown fruit and vegetables in every season besides Winter. Cheyann Ellis ‘16 agrees, “Lull farm’s my favorite [farmstand] because it has one of the best apple picking spots. I have always gotten the best apples there and I enjoy eating the freshest in town.”


The hidden treasure spot between the two towns of Hollis and Brookline is Rocky Pond, voted best swimming hole. Although technically you must have a seasonal pass/membership to hang out on the beach, you can hop on in from the boat launch and cool off in the water all day, or in the winter weather, take the Polar-Plunge Challenge!


Meeting halfway is always a good option when it comes to swimming, but after a long day of hanging in the water, take the drive out to Lake Potanipo, located on the far side of Brookline to view the sunset gleaming over the water. You’re sure to snap a great “Insta-pic” for your next post, as sunsets over there are voted best in the Souhegan Valley.


Last but not least, take a Sunday afternoon to embrace your wild side and head down to Beaver Brook, voted “Best Hiking Trails”. An extensive amount of trailheads/trails can be found in both towns making it the perfect spot for beginner and experienced hikers. The cleanliness kept on the trails along with clearly noted signs for directions allows for a pleasant and safe hiking experience for all.


Now that you’ve got the options, hop on in those set of wheels, grab a friend if you want, and head on over to HB’s Best!