Tiny Houses


Dawnna Weir

Gabe Clark showing his enthusiasm for tiny houses

Maddy Blake and Gabe Clark

Is going tiny the next big thing? Building tiny houses is becoming more and more popular in America today. A tiny house is a house that must be under 400 square feet and can come in many shapes and sizes. Tiny houses are built to make lives simpler for those who want to save money, be environmentally-friendly and to fulfill their desires for freedom.

Most “tiny house people,” or minimalists, adjust to a smaller space and fewer possessions but put value and focus on money, relationships, and other life experiences. Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck and are tired of having worries about their financial stability. Half of the average American’s income goes towards the roof over their heads, so why not go tiny and stop worrying about those escalating bills? Some people believe that going tiny is just not suitable for their lifestyle and don’t feel the need to be living in such a small environment.

A tiny house in the process of being built

Dawnna Weir, a current tiny house builder and future resident of Hollis, shares why she is so excited for her tiny house, “I am most looking forward to traveling across the country with it, also to be 100% self sufficient. All solar, rainwater catchment, wood stove, and compost toilet.” Weir plans to be moving into her tiny house soon and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Weir and many other Americans are going tiny and working on living a more environmentally-friendly and frugal life.