Consoles, is there a point?


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Tristan Machon, Staff Writer

Before we begin, will the console gamers please put down the pitchforks! The two consoles of this generation came out two years ago and now there has been some time to see what they can do. The question now arises, are they worth it? If not, what’s holding them back?


This question runs pretty far into the history of consoles starting back at the Playstation 2 and the original Xbox, which were capable of running at standard definition (480p) six years before HD came around. Then came the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 with HD, which is about 720p. This was when HD TVs were just coming to the market and were relatively rare.


Now let’s take a look at the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. Firstly, that’s a ridiculous name for the third Xbox. They are capable of full HD, which is 1080p so yes, they are in fact a lot better graphically than their predecessors.


But here’s the deal. 1080p TVs are already on their way out and 4k TVs are starting to sprout up. In a few years, most TVs will be 4k, which translates to a whopping 2160p. Displaying a 1080p picture on such a screen will make it look rather poor. That’s not the only problem with 1080p images on 4k TVs. Converting the image takes time and this causes input lag which anyone who’s played an online game will know the severity of such a thing, it throws you off. This is why the consoles seem like they are already out of date because they were made to work with technology that is already out of date. For this reason, many gamers are now turning to PCs for their gaming needs.


Mid-range gaming computers cost almost double what their console counterparts do. Although they are also not made out of specific parts, and these parts can be replaced when necessary. And now with Windows 10 out and its ability to play Xbox One games, it’s basically a two-in-one. The Xbox One is now relatively pointless. This however doesn’t make the PS4 completely irrelevant and, in my opinion, still worth buying due to some noteworthy exclusives, mainly Bloodborne, which is the very reason I even bought one. So yes, there is still a point to consoles, or at least for the time being, the PS4.