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Tristan Machon
Tristan Machon is a senior who spends most of his time playing video games and watching YouTube. Machon has taken a few photos since starting journalism but other than that nothing besides screenshots. He doesn’t play MMOs (massive multiplayer online) that require strategizing with others; he works alone, like Batman. Machon doesn’t plan because when he doesn’t, things don’t go wrong. This has its disadvantages but he rolls with it. Things don’t get to him easily and he rarely feels pressure which sometimes leads to a horrible procrastination problem--yet he always gets it done. Machon gets along with his parents pretty well and doesn’t ask for much. He does either one of two things with people: either learns to get along with them or learns to avoid them. As for this year, he really just hopes to do adequately. If that hasn’t given you a good idea about him then let me tell you he checked word count about six times while writing this.To sum it up Machon’s life-long philosophy for getting through life is “it’s fiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnneeeeee.”

Tristan Machon, Staff Writer

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Tristan Machon