Extreme Makeover: gingerbread edition

Shannon Fitzpatrick, Staff Writer

Each year at HBHS, the very popular gingerbread house competition occurs between the students who take Foods and Nutrition1. Teams of 3 or 4 students work together to bake and build their very own gingerbread houses for the holidays as well as practice their skills in the kitchen. Now that everyone is back from break it’s time for the winners to finally be announced.


The first place winners are Mario Barassi ‘17, Savanna Bent ‘18, Jason Bradbrook ‘16, and Ashlyn Bodholdt ’17. Their gingerbread house was named The Classic. The house had many small details that really made a statement, such as the icicles hanging from the roof and a  peppermint clock featured on the front of the house. The Classic gingerbread house received a total of 78 votes to give them the winning title.  


The gingerbread house called Christmas Shire placed second. The team has 3 participants, Amanda Mann ‘16, Matt Harmon ‘16, and Carlos Rodriguez ‘17. The Christmas Shire gingerbread house received 21 votes. This teams gingerbread house was unique in the way that it was not the typical shape for a gingerbread house. Surrounding the house were many green frosted trees covered in multicolored candies as if they were covered in holiday lights. A beautiful wreath was hung upon the front door and really made the house feel like a home.


The third place winners are Keri Chase ‘17, Megan McLaughlin ‘18, Tatyana Rodriguez ‘18, and Abby Schultz ’18 with their house named Blue. This gingerbread house was a very special one. This was the first double decker house in the history of HB’s competition. The house featured a small campfire right outside the house with little gummy bears roasting marshmallows. The house was named Blue due to that the entire exterior of the house was covered in blue frosting, this team finished close behind with 13 votes.


Congratulations to all the winners. Each house had something very special about it and HBHS is looking forward to many more exciting gingerbread house competitions in the future.