What makes a good teacher?

Stephanie Buchanan, Staff Writer

Students spend about seven hours a day at school and the majority of their time is spent learning. Throughout high school, you will encounter many different teachers from year to year — you may  get the same teacher multiple times. Before you even start at the school you will most likely hear from upperclassmen who the good teachers are.


We often hear stories about teachers, whether from passing in the hall, from other students, or from personal experience. Most of the time if someone tells you something about a teacher you will believe it; that’s usually all you know about him or her before starting their class. Putting that aside, you shouldn’t just believe what people tell you until you have experienced said teaching styles yourself.


All teachers have different teaching styles- some that you will love and others you will hate. This begs the question: What makes a good teacher?

A good teacher is someone who is understanding and willing to help you when you need it.”

— Lanie Wood

When asked what makes a good teacher, Spanish teacher Erin Robbins said,“A good teacher is someone who cares about their students and loves what they do.”


Teachers choose to teach,  which means they must like what they do. That in mind, you must remember they want to be there teaching you. Even if you don’t want to be at school, a good teacher will forget about that and continue to motivate you.


“Teaching is not all about how much information the teacher can cram into your head in a given period of time; a good teacher takes the time to get to know their students and their strengths and weaknesses,” said Catherine Cotton ‘16.


“A good teacher is someone who is understanding and willing to help you when you need it,” said Lanie Wood ‘16.


It is extremely important to have a teacher who you like and can learn from because they help you to take your next step in life, whether it is higher education, work field or military. Teachers are who you spend the majority of your time with during the week.They talk and you listen, then you take that information and put it towards life. Teachers are here to help, and they can only be as helpful as you let them be.