Showing the spirit: Tropical Tuesday

Although this morning’s weather proved a little soggy and cold, it didn’t dampen HB’s spirit. Students participating in Spirit Week brought in the warmth of the islands with tropical shirts, leis, straw hats, and even one or two ukuleles.


The energy from yesterday’s opening ceremonies was still evident in the students’ commitment, as the show of spirit was just as strong on day two.


“I think it makes school a bit more exciting,” Megan Gialluca ‘17 said of the Spirit Week festivities. “It makes me want to get up in the morning a little more.”


This week is especially exciting for the Seniors, who are pouring all they have into their presentation.


“Our class is doing more than I thought we would, even though we’re losing,” stated Sadie Solon ‘16 “There’s hope; our skit’s going to be pretty good!” Although Solon did not happen to mention what the senior skit will be, it is surely something to look forward to on Friday.


No matter how things turn out, the Seniors know that what’s important is the bond that Spirit Week creates between and within each grade.


“It’s the one week where we are more motivated and inspired to come together near the end of the year and have that last hurrah,” Solon said.


For today’s spirit points, the Junior class took first place for the most tropical garb. Overall, the Juniors are in first, while the Sophomores are in second, the Freshmen are in third, and the Seniors are in last place.
All of the classes are hard at work preparing for their presentations on Friday. Between painting the posters and rehearsing their skits, everyone is doing their best to make the closing ceremony before vacation fantastic.