Showing the spirit: tied up in tie-dye

Nicole Poitras, A&E Editor

Yesterday was red, white, and blue, but today HB tasted the rainbow. Tie Dye was the theme for this last day prior to the closing ceremony. Students did not disappoint; the popular pattern was visible throughout the halls as far as the eye could see, whether on shirts, pants – or, on some students, both.


As the final countdown begins, students of each class will come together this afternoon and stay well into the night rehearsing their skits, finishing their posters, and decorating their sections of the gym. Most classes plan to stay until 9:00 p.m., and the generous student council has arranged a dinner for the volunteers.


Today the freshmen came in first for Tie Dye Day. Overall, the Juniors are in first place, the Sophomores are a close second, the Freshmen are in third, and the Seniors continue to hold onto fourth place.

Tomorrow is the big day where each class will present their skit and the final winner of Spirit Week will be crowned. With so much to look forward to, the last-minute stress of tonight will all be worth it!