Guitar Night: The upcoming show

Emma Dougherty, News Editor

This year will be the fifteenth annual Guitar Night held May 13 & 14, conducted by HBHS’s student body and led by math teacher and music enthusiast Mark Illingworth.


Illingworth organized 4 special events this past autumn, including Beatles Night, Motown Night, Classic Rock Night, and Blues & Funk Night.

On the organization of the music groups involved, Illingworth stated, “They are kind of [self] arranged, not in fixed groups, people get together to create songs.”


Andrew Carr ‘16, a long time participant, stated that he’s been in the event for “all four years of high school, but I’ve been coming [to watch] for eight years, the first time was in seventh grade.”


Those involved are enthusiastic about their upcoming gig, and some, including musician Holly Eisenberg ‘16, will even be playing more than one instrument during the show. Her main instrument, Eisenberg stated, is “the piano, [and] I’m playing the harmonica, but only for one song.”


“I’m excited, it’s my last time with them [fellow performers], and [I’m] waiting for everything just to sound right,” Eisenberg said.


Carr is also excited for the event and stated, “Regardless of what happens on the stage, you’re making music with your friends, [it’s] a really great experience.”


Especially Illingworth, who enthusiastically added, “It’s going to be an amazing show, [there’s] so much talent.”


Yet even with this music talent and anticipation, there’s still much to do before the actual performance.

“There is definitely still a lot of stuff to put together,” Carr stated. “[We’re] relying on the music to pull it together for something that is bigger than all of us.”
The participating bands/musical groups will still be rehearsing on the day of the show, before it starts at 7p.m. this Friday and Saturday. Order your tickets now in the cafeteria during lunch periods today or buy them at the door for $10. Snacks will be served during intermission courtesy of NHS. Whether you wish to come for to experience a variety of incredible music, to support your classmates, or to listen to electric entertainment, all three are available on Guitar Night.