HB Theatre Department’s “The Tempest” to open May 27


Poster for “The Tempest” created by director Greg Parker

Natalie Lewis, Staff Writer

Hollis Brookline High School is excited for its grand debut of The Tempest, a Shakespearean classic. The showings will be on May 27 and 28, curtains opening at 7:30 pm. Tickets are available online here or through the Hollis Brookline High School website. Students and teachers pay $5.00, children and seniors pay $8.00, and adults pay $10.00. The money goes back to the theatre department, in order for them to fund their future productions. Tickets can be pre-ordered online or at the door, with open seating available at the show.


Prospera (Rachel Jiang ‘16), the rightful Duchess of Milan and her daughter, Miranda (Nicole Poitras ‘17), have been overthrown by Prospera’s power-hungry brother Antonio (Bradley Simpson ‘16) and exiled to a desolate island. There they have lived for the past twelve years. During this time Prospera has been studying the art of magic, and as Antonio and his companions conveniently journey past the island on their way back from Africa, the time has come for Prospera to use her spells to seek revenge.


Sprinkled with a few musical performances and filled with mystery, magic, justice, and revenge, this play is a must-see. As a graduating senior, and this being her final HB production, Jiang reminisces on her theatrical journey.


“Theatre has been a big part of my life and has made me the person I am today,” says Jiang.  She later continued, “The cast is like my family.”


Dylan Silcox ‘17 plays the dramatic King Alonso in The Tempest. Eager for the performance, Silcox says, “I love being on stage…I can’t get enough. I love giving other people entertainment.”


Like Silcox, the cast is filled with extremely dedicated, animated, and talented individuals. The actors and directors, Matt Barbosa and Greg Parker, have been preparing for months. Auditions were held in early April, and the cast has been rehearsing three times a week, every week.
Come see a spectacular performance put on for you by your very own Hollis Brookline Theatre Department on May 27, 28, or both!