50 Must Do’s in High School


Jackie Hallerman

From left to right: Emily Babcock ’16, Sarah Cramton ’16, Courtney Ulrich ’16, McLane Wood ’16 pose for a picture before senior prom

Stephanie Buchanan, Staff Writer

High school, the all too anticipated years in every teenager’s life. The years you will get your first kiss, the years you will fall in love, the years you will encounter some of the most awkward moments of your life. High school prepares you for a lot, learning how to deal with people you may not like, as well as how to cram, study, and make sure you get all your work done on time. But what high school gives you isn’t just life advice, if gives you some of the most fun nights you may ever have. Here’s fifty opportunities you must take advantage of during your short four years of high school.


  1. Go to Old Home Days! Yeah, we have been attending it since middle school but trust me, you’re gonna wish you went all six years you had the opportunity to.     


  1. Get involved with clubs! It doesn’t matter which ones if it’s something you are interested in go for it! It’s a great way to meet people who have the same interests as you.


  1. Try out for a sports team! Even if sports aren’t your thing, you will learn a lot of life lessons as well as make some new friends.


  1. Attend the homecoming dance! Go see all the teams dressed up, or go with a group of your friends!


  1. Kenzie Day ‘17 says, “Go to your classmates sporting events! Support your class.”


  1. Go to a white out or blackout game to support HB sports. It’s fun to see your school involved.


  1. Halloween assembly– school spirit rocks!


  1. Take an AP class. It’s always good to challenge yourself, and colleges will like it too.


  1. Go for a walk in Beaver Brook in the fall– the colors are amazing.


  1. Grab your friends and pick some apples at one of Hollis’s many farms! It’s always good to support your local community.


  1. Go to Woodmont Orchards for a sunrise or sunset! We live in a beautiful community, take advantage of it.


  1. Mikey Lemay ’17 says, “Take a hike up Andres Art institute in Brookline, the trailhead is right off of route 13.”    


  1. Grab a fishing pole and some friends and spend the afternoon at bohanon bridge in Brookline.


  1. Take some friends and kayaks or whatever you have and swim across lake Potanipo.


  1. Get a summer/ part time job– it will prepare you for the real world as well as give you some extra cash to spend in your free time.


  1. Silver Lake is always a good spot to catch some rays and have some fun.


  1. Madeline Moynihan ‘16 says, “Get some pumpkins from Hollis and carve them with your friends.”


  1. On a snow day, build a snowman! you are never too old.


  1.  Sledding! There are so many good places in Hollis and Brookline.


  1. Give back to your community– volunteer whether it is the soup kitchen or your local day care.


  1. Go ice skating! There is a a rink in Hollis and Brookline, you can also skate at both Potanipo and Silver Lake.


  1. Ice fish at Potanipo! Find someone with a bob house and spend the day out of the lake.


  1. Snowmobiling– there are so many trails in Hollis and Brookline! Find a friend with a snowmobile or talk to fish and game about the rules and regulations.


  1. Take a mitten off the giving tree in the main office– It’s always good to give back to those in your community who need it.


  1. Go on a school trip! Although they are expensive they are great experience and teach you to go out on your own as well as see the world around you.  


  1. Take a mental health day every once and awhile. You deserve it– kick back and binge watch some Netflix.


  1. Take an elective you’re not sure you will like, like foods or ceramics. You never know, that may be your thing.


  1. Start thinking about college sooner rather than later. Plan a tour and research some schools.  


  1.  Join a unified team! Everyone will love the support and you will meet some wicked nice people.


  1. Eat lunch at a different table– don’t be afraid to make new friends and branch out.


  1. Attend Mr. HBHS! See the kids in your high school dress up and duel it out for the crown.


  1. Go to Guitar Night! Watch your classmates own the stage.


  1. See one of the many plays our school puts on– it’s always cool to see what other people are involved in.


  1. HB Idol– ever wonder who the next Adele is going to be?


  1. Dress up for spirit week! Earn points for your class and have some fun.


  1. Stay after school and be in your spirit week skit or the dance, or just help paint the posters.


  1. Go to the spirit week assembly– you put in all the hard work now go see what the other classes did.


  1. Go to a senior sports night! It’s sad to see them go, but it’s your duty as an underclassmen to help celebrate the time they put in.


  1. Go to the sports banquet and see who played hard during their sports.


  1. Senior pranks– you have to do at least one, so make it a good one.


  1. Senior week– make the best of it it’s your last week in high school.


  1. Promposals! Make sure you ask that cute girl you have been eyeing.


  1. Have fun shopping for your prom dress or tux with your friends.  


  1. Go to prom and have fun! Everyone looks forward to it. Even if you don’t think you will have fun, just go to see your friends.


  1. Senior Parade! It’s a right and it’s a ritual, you can be on time to first period the rest of the year.


  1. Get a senior shirt! You may not like high school at the moment but you will miss it.


  1. Get a yearbook– you can always look back at your great four years.


  1. Go to senior breakfast– it’s the last time you will have to talk to all the friends you have made over the past twelve years all at once.


  1. Graduation!!! It’s the moment you have been looking forward to for the past twelve years.


  1.  Spend your last summer with your best friends before you all go your separate ways for the next step in your life.

High school is only as good as you make it. Take advantage of every moment and cherish the people you meet. The four years will go way faster than you think, so make the most of it!