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Senior Fears of Senior Year

The new senior class takes inspiration from last year’s prom and starts looking at ways to make this year just as exciting while still being safe.

Kaitlyn Ferdinand, Head Editor

October 20, 2020

As students have been getting accustomed to their new school environment, seniors are reflecting on how they think their final year will look. The typical senior activities are up in the air due to Covid guidelines, leaving the Class of 2021 with only guesses, concerns, and hopes for how they get to s...

How are parents taking remote learning

This is a photo of a chrome book that is used for online learning. As a remote student I used my own chromebook. “He is always on his computer anyways so I thought it would be good for him.”says Katelin Daniels, mother of Jason daniels. Almost every kid of the parents who were interviewed used a chromebook.

Nick Mclatchy, Staff Writer

October 19, 2020

As we start up the school year again, the threat of COVID-19 is still lingering from the prior year. Many families have opted to have their children be taught through an online environment instead of going in-person through the school. However, some kids are taking this new method of learning in different...

Teachers on the New Way of Learning

 The new guidelines for COVID-19 have led to a drastic change in how lunch works at HB. For the people who do not want to eat outside at lunch, the tables in the gym are the only other option. They sit two people at a table at most, and students have to scan where they are sitting. It is up to the students to keep up with logging where they sit or else the school will have to assign lunch seats “Now more than ever students need to practice self management” says Ilingworth.

Lauren Rogers, Features Editor

October 16, 2020

With the new changes to school this year, the teachers, both in-person and remote, have had to adjust how they teach their classes. COVID-19 has made HB rework multiple systems used in the past to make our school safer. Out of all the issues, teachers have to work around “The greatest is technology....

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