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Here comes your Banderson

This is the official Banderson logo, which shows the four members’ faces photoshopped over the four members of American rock band Weezer on The Blue Album. “We love Weezer,” says Ide. Banderson plans on covering Weezer’s “Buddy Holly” sometime in the future.

Lily Coady, Staff Writer

May 14, 2019

The Pixies aren’t a particularly popular band. Most students at the school are more likely to be found with Taylor Swift singing “You Belong With Me” through their earbuds, or with Travis Scott’s bass-boosted tracks blaring through their car speakers on the way out of the parking lot. Of cour...

The great HB bake off

The great HB bake off

Alec MacEachen, News Editor

May 14, 2019

A New Method of Education: Student-led Discussions

Ian McNabb '20 leads a class discussion on political cartoons from the American Progressive-Era. Visibly honored to hold a leadership role, McNabb references Captain Philips by stating,

Harry Bates, News Editor

May 3, 2019

With experimental education throughout the United States beginning to thrive, traditional methods regarding teaching future generations have come into question. Our public schooling system, at least in the United States, has virtually remained unchanged from one-room schoolhouses to modern high schoo...

The Cost of Carbonation

The CDC reported that 39.8% of the American population identified as obese in 2016. With numbers continuing to rise, lawmakers across the country are proposing methods of combating the growing epidemic, one of which is taxation.

Harry Bates, News Editor

April 14, 2019

With adult and childhood obesity rates continuing to climb in the United States, lawmakers across the country are proposing methods to limit the consumption of soft drinks. From Berkeley, CA to Philadelphia, PA, localized legislative bodies are implementing a sugary drink tax in an effort to curve future heightened national weight e...

Discover credit in high school

The Discover It Cash Back card, which is accepted in 97% of credit card merchants, according to the Discover Website. It boasts “Benefits that don't just talk the talk” according to Discover. These benefits are 5% back on rotating categories and 1% back automatically.

Alec MacEachen, News Editor

April 8, 2019

Financial life in the United States is built off the backs of credit reports and scores. Every American aims to have a good credit score and credit cards are the easiest way to do this; the earlier a credit score is started the better. Hence, the growing demand for a new type of “student card,” spe...

Hollis Brookline Girls in STEM walk away with awards

 Lily Jackson, Megan Strecker, Maria Toupin. Vanessa Thomas all take part in the NCWIT Program.

Myra Morin, Staff Writer

March 26, 2019

On Feb. 15, the girls STEM program at Hollis Brookline took part in the NCWIT (National Center for Women & Information Technology) Award for Aspirations in Computing (AIC). The program awards students for their special skills in technology. This year, Hollis Brookline had 4 Rising Stars and one winn...

Senior year winds down

Ashley Mayo ‘19 sits with her calendar showing the school’s proposed graduation date. She can’t wait to “go onto bigger things,” after high school, and plans to go to college in the fall.

Alec MacEachen, News Editor

March 26, 2019

Senior year is simultaneously the most stressful and the most relaxed. College deadlines rapidly approach at the start of the year,  the final seasons of sports wiz by, and the last chance to boost your GPA on the transcript is over too soon. Now in March, students are in the midst of receiving their...

Calling all Spanish students

This photo of Mijas, Malaga, Spain was taken in April of 2017, which was the last Spanish trip.  Students going on the Spain 2020 trip will be able to see beautiful sceneries like this one. “They are going to see two of the most beloved European cities”, explained Señor Basbas.

Paisley Broadhurst, Staff Writer

March 14, 2019

In April of 2020, Alex Basbas, one of three Spanish teachers at Hollis Brookline, will be taking foreign language students across the world to Spain. Any student interested in this trip will be able to experience the Spanish culture first hand. “This will be the fourth Spanish trip,” Basbas said. It rota...

What’s the Spanish word for pregnant?

Robbins sitting at her desk advising her students while they work on a project. She only has three more months to go before Reilly arrives! “I think if you have a fairly healthy pregnancy everything else is good... but yeah, I feel fine” said Erin Robbins.

Josie Farwell, Staff Writer

March 8, 2019

Pregnant warrior, Erin Robbins, often referred to with her Spanish salutation as Senora Robbins, is maintaining her duties as a top-notch teacher while carrying her second child. With her second baby girl, Reilly Jo Robbins, on the way, Robbins has to stay focused on both teaching and staying healthy. ...

Michael Gillespie picked for all-state charity match for first time in HB history

Gillespie sits with the other players and the children at the CHaD hospital. “We’re pretty much on the same page,” said Gillespie. They will be playing later this June after a week of practice.

Alec MacEachen, News Editor

March 8, 2019

Wide receiver and cornerback Michael Gillespie ‘19 is the first and only HB player to be picked for the CHaD football roster, which is an all-state game. Gillespie is ranked #23 in the state and is nationally ranked on MaxPreps, which is a national football and sports ranking website. He’ll be on the same team as Division 1 players from schools like Bedf...

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